Question of Life or Death

Interaction between dance, light and music, on the theme of opposites.

A danced, articulated, prismatic and kaleidoscopic reflection that raises the question of the full and the empty, of the singular and the universal, of life and death.

A continuous change of imagination, perception and form.

Project, cohoreography, dance: Stefania Tansini

Music: Morton Feldman – Rotcko Chapel

Installation: Davide Cambrini, Ettore Grechi, Stefania Tansini

Artistic collaboration: Anna Zanetti 


25' minutes


Light and sound installation


The luminous installation, created from the suggestion of the structure of the crystals and their behavior of refraction and reflection of light, attempts to create a complex and specific space, dynamic and static, where light-dark and full-empty can be united and move away at the same time, where the light can be jagged to explode the geometry of an enclosed space.

A luminous environment in a slow and continuous change, not static. An imperceptible transformation of reflected lights, of shadows that become dazzling afterwards.

A sharp and complex dimension of sound, subtle and precise, almost sneaky, dialogues with the dance and immerses the vision in a hypnotic and enchanting environment.

Description of the light installation:

A mass of reflecting surfaces (mirrors or plexiglass) illuminated by a projector fixed to the base of the installation and about one metre away from the surfaces. The projector rotates around the surfaces in a single turn. This one turn lasts as long as the music track, about 26 minutes.

Questione di vita o di morte - Stefania