Human Line 
museum performance

Project, dance: Stefania Tansini

Music: Mika Vainio


10' minutes

(repetitive or continuative)

"What the corpse and the body of glory share is the splendour that radiates motionless: in short, it is the statue.

The body is made into a statue."

Signs about the Body, Jean-Luc Nancy

A body that, starting from the iconographic postures of the paintings or statues of the Uffizi, extremeizes the spatial directions and amplifies the tensions, creating a new figurative image, dynamically the same as the first but with a different shape and intention.

The focus is on the passage of image and form between a body in a human attitude, to a body in which vectors and lines prevail, sometimes passing through an abandoned body, purely volumetric. A continuous crossing that gradually brings out and transforms tensions and postures.

A form in incessant formation, an architecture of tensions in continuous movement with different speeds according to the change in perception of space, volume, weight.