The Grace of Terrible
LA GRAZIA 01.png

Project, choreography, dance: Stefania Tansini

Light: Matteo Crespi

Sound: Claudio Tortorici

Artistic collaboration: Anna Zanetti


30' minutes

"The images offer their grace present in the instant of the perceived gesture".

The Insepolated Image, Georges Didi-Huberman

A body that traces its own journey through equal and opposite impulses: on the one hand, a moving sculpture that intensifies and expands the duration of the natural gesture, creating infinite geometries on which, however, it doesn't dwell.  On the other hand, an enigmatic organism that twists, cracks, is formed, at the mercy of its possibilities of metamorphosis.

The process of research that has led to this alone is a meditative path, made of continuous concentration and attention to detail, to try to shape the anxieties and contradictions that live there.


Critical Network Award 2021

"A performance that gives back to the body its centrality, freeing it from superfluous installations and allowing it to live only of its impulses; for having narrated a metamorphosis made of contortions and contradictions, between rigorous geometries and absolute fluidity, without ever neglecting a mathematical adherence to music; for having given contemporaneity to a dance belonging to ancient rituals".

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"The contortionism of the figure, of the positions and of the directions towards a sort of transformation belongs to Stefania Tansini. She squads muscles and postures in search of points of no return. To scrutinize the centrality within oneself is to walk between ways of being, of taking oneself, of sustaining oneself. Tansini appears modular, almost of quiet clay, until it resonates with the contradiction of the union of those opposites. Then, the reflection is transformed into a struggle and the movement becomes possessed of blows and tremors, from side to side. It accompanies all the breadth of which it is capable, to the point of erasing the face with the caress of both hands. The work therefore has a seductive choreographic structure."

Matteo Brighenti, Paneacqua Culture



"A great test of theatre-dance, which amazes and moves for the grace and refinement of the gesture. The actress harmoniously disarticulates the body, a ductile and malleable material, in search of new equilibriums, leading us to extreme and terrible consequences: disharmonies, spasms, convulsions. By creating animal and fantastic forms, he composes a universe in which refinement and technical precision are never schematic or an end in themselves. A universe in which vivid and attractive figures, in their rapid succession, are elements of a personal phantasmagoria. An interesting choreographic "meditative" path that passes through the different body perceptions, exploring opposites such as detail and totality, inside and outside, enjoyment and pain. It is the search for a primitive body that expresses the grace hidden in the ritual dance of a monstrous figure or in the banality of the daily gesture. The union of grace and lightness of the body with the tension and vibration of suffering that the dancer is able to interpret with considerable technical competence is intense. The lights are effective and the musical choice is refined".

Gianfranco Bergamini, Marco Zappalaglio, Gigi Castelli, Chiara Bettinelli, Max Brembilla e Massimo Nicoli, Nadia Savoldelli e Davide Locatelli