Rest Points

A body that traces its own journey through equal and opposite impulses: on the one hand, a moving sculpture that intensifies and expands the duration of the natural gesture, creating infinite geometries on which, however, it doesn't dwell.  On the other hand, an enigmatic organism that twists, cracks, is formed, at the mercy of its possibilities of metamorphosis.

The process of research that has led to this alone is a meditative path, made of continuous concentration and attention to detail, to try to shape the anxieties and contradictions that live there.

Project, choreography: Stefania Tansini

Dance: Miriam Cinieri, Stefania Tansini

Light: Matteo Crespi

Sound Project: Claudio Tortorici, Giovanni Magaglio

Indipendent Production

thanks SUPERBUDDA Torino


35' minutes


"Interesting choreography by Stefania Tansini also excellent interpreter with Miria Cinieri: with Punti di ristoro she gives evidence of an intriguing and powerful compositional figure".

Andrea Porcheddu, Gli Stati Generali

"In Punti di ristoro the emptiness stages the pressing rhythm, the desperate and painful search for a lost female that is perpetrated in all the natural elements and fibers of the body. The movement is never danced, it does not exactly follow the music while the body responds to its natural aptitude for movement in a visceral search for the roots of the human feminine. The result is a dance that is increasingly disarticulated and destructured with peaks of extreme expressiveness".

Sonia Coppoli, Il Gufetto