Project Stefania Tansini, Luca Del Pia
Technical direction Luca Giovagnoli


with the support of
CapoTrave / Kilowatt Tuscany Residence Center
Duration 30 minutes



Stupid Girls


A visual and sound amusement park, an over-stimulation that pushes the viewer to choose between a more specific vision of fragments of episodes or a vision of the entirety of the project, letting one's body get lost in the flow of images and sounds.

With Luca Del Pia a research work is still in progress that tries to outline the possibilities of the relationship between body and video, in different places, situations, times.

How can a presence in an environment act, live and be experienced through video language? How do the two languages (video and body) influence each other and interact?


text and narrating voice  Guido Barbieri

dance  Stefania Tansini

music and live electronics  Paolo Aralla

 40 minutes


Where the flight ends

Dove finisce il volo reflects in the gestures of the dance, in the words of the story, in the sounds of the live electronics the itinerary of this progressive separation from existence, of this unstoppable loss of every possible voice.

Based on the story of Wera Ouckama Knoop, the dedicatee of the Sonnets to Orpheus, a young friend of Rainer Maria Rilke's daughters who, at the age of eighteen, was struck by a destructive form of muscular dystrophy: the same illness that in 1926 also led to Rilke's death.

CRISOL - creative processes


Experience the possibilities of relationship between body and video in different dimensions.

Installation structured in four episodes.

Project: Stefania Tansini, Paolo Aralla

Choreography, dance: Stefania Tansini

Sound project: Paolo Aralla

Organization: Claudia Coccia


30' minutes

Inside Night

A performance that starts with a reflection on the 'home' of a place where the body is at ease and has the opportunity to release its barriers, to open and share its deep inner world.

A performance that explores this physical and environmental condition, then translates it, disintegrates habitual relationships and asserts itself in new relationships.


The tranquility of a time and a place at home allows you to observe closely the details of a body that exposes itself, amplified by organic sounds that follow the natural rhythm of the body and the intensity of movement.


A rarefied, warm and welcoming atmosphere, which reduces the distance between audience and performance.


"There is always a uterus in us 

"a reasonable uterus."

                Carlo Emilio Gadda




Immersion for electroacoustic ensemble, performer with biodynamic sensors, video live set and spatialized voices.

Composition: Gabriele Marangoni

Director: Dario Garegnani  

Installation project manager: Micol Riva

Live electronics and technological development: Tempo Reale

SOund director and binaural technique: Enrico Mangione

Organisation and production assistant: iulia Soravia

Performer: Stefania Tansini



90’ minutes



Project inspired by the seven wonders of the world.

A dialogue between music and dance: archaic atmospheres, electronic sounds and ritual movements accompany the viewer on an intimate and personal journey.


Project, drums: Davide Bussoleni

Dance: Stefania Tansini


60' minutes

Stefania Tansini

Video, editing: Luca Del Pia

Music: Paul Amlehn


13' minutes

Two Mothers

A temporal concomitance of a presence in a landscape, a relationship of 'situation', a continuum between danced action and surrounding place in a careful present. A subtle dialogue, not forced or obvious, between a clean and crystalline gesture and an impure, real, organic landscape.


The body appears as the ever-movable meeting point between the outside and the inside, between the atmospheric law of the wind and the visceral law of the desire to slide into the present, to move from one place to another, in a movement as organically sovereign, as necessary and fatal as it is transitory.

A body that 'stands'. In a human attitude, but in a performative perspective.

An impersonal heroine, who intensifies her presence in a petrified posture, in a motionless gesture. That dilates the temporal duration of the movement and that makes the simple step a dance.

A body that intensifies, in the banality of the daily gesture, the actuality of its motor expression.

Thin Body

"This piece is my prayer, my attempt to analyze the mechanisms that imprison us so that we can be free again. This piece expresses my hope, my desire, that we will be able to resist our transformation into so many Barbie and the loss of our singularity."

Eve Ensler

The challenge of Thin Body is exactly the same as that of Eve Ensler: to try to go within ourselves, to tell everyone that we are not afraid. That what we fear most is the death of imagination, of originality, of passion.

Anna Zanetti

Project, words: Anna Zanetti

Music: Alberto Zanini

Dance: Stefania Tansini


40' minutes


The objective of the lessons and workshops proposed is to experiment on other bodies the training and practice of the body that is the basis of my creative research.

A reciprocal exchange between my proposals and the answers that can be obtained, in search of an ever new meeting point.

2020: Workshop for the professional course of contemporary dance, Paolo Grassi School, Milan

Assistant to the choreography of Simona Bertozzi

2016 - 2020: Lessons in contemporary dance at the dance school 'Borgo Insigne' in San Colombano al Lambro (Mi)

2019: Workshop at Workroom, Fabbrica del Vapore, Spazio Fattoria Vittadini


Collaboration as dancer, dancer on stilts, choreographer.