Born in 1991, in Ponte dell'Olio (Pc).

After studying artistic gymnastics and classical dance, in 2014 she graduated as a dancer at the Scuola D'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi, under the didactic direction of Marinella Guatterini. Of fundamental importance are the meetings with Enzo Cosimi, Dominique Dupuy, Cesc Gelabert, Jonah Bokaer, Maria Consagra.

In 2014 she took part in the show of Dario Fo and Franca Rame History of Q and began to work as a dancer in all the productions of Simona Bertozzi: Animals Without Fables (2014), Prometheus: Contempletion (2015), Prometheus: the Gift (2015), Prometheus: Astronomy (2016), And It Burns Burns (finalist show of the UBU Danza Prize 2017) and in the solo Flow On River (2018).

In 2016 she began working with Luca Veggetti for the show Don’t be, a temptation (2017), Fourth Character (2018), The Hell of the Eye (2019) and with Ariella Vidach for Temporaneo Tempobeat.

She is confronted with some experiences of video-dance (Interferences, short film, The Wrong Island, film, Social Plan, music video of musician Francesco Orio) and in 2017 she was called by Romeo Castellucci to take part in his new production Democracy in America and in 2018 to The Magic Flute, opera directed by Castellucci and choreographed by Cindy Van Acker.

She has worked with Emanuela Tagliavia, in Hopper Variations (2014) and Combustions (2015), and with Mette Sterre (curator Robert Wilson) in the performance Structurealist (2015).

She collaborates with Corona-Events as a dancer on stils, choreographer and assistant director.

Other fundamental meetings: Roberta Mosca, Yasmine Hugonnet, Raffaella Giordano, Michalis Theophanous, Cristina Rizzo, Jan Fabre.

She has always been accompanied by the need and desire for an authoritative path of research on the body and movement. 


Her practice on the body and her personal path accompany her in the creation of her choreographic, performative and visual projects, and in collaboration with and for other artists.

        Rest Points, choreographic project, 2020
        The grace of Terrible, choreographic project in solo, 2019
        Question of Life or Death, choreographic-installation project, 2018
        Human Line, museum performance, 2017


        with photographer Luca Del Pia for Two Mothers (2018) and Stupid Girls (2019-2020), a video-installation project
        with the composer Paolo Aralla for Inside Night (2020) , a performance in a room of the house for a small audience
        with Secret Theatre Ensamble and Tempo Reale for Utera (2019), a sound-visual performance with biodynamic sensors, live set video and spatialized voices
        with the percussionist Davide Bussoleni for 7Wonders (2019)
        with Anna Zanetti for Thin Body (2017)

To date, she is working on My Body, project 2020-2021. 

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